Miriam Suzuki has dedicated to the pursuit of lyrical, inspirational music that touches the heart.

Music has been a part of Miriam’s life from birth. Surrounded by a musical family, she started her musical journey with a piano at the age of five. Two years later, Miriam discovered what would be the passion of her life: the harp. She continued playing the piano in Helsinki, Finland, where her music stayed warm and harmonious even in the icy winters. In 1983, she moved to Southern California, which offered a fresh environment where she explored the world of composition as well as developed her own distinctive sound.  Her fusion of genres, from classical to pop, Celtic to traditional, is obviously influenced by her cultural background and life experiences, with a foundation lovingly built in her hometown near Kyoto, Japan. Los Angeles has been a constant inspiration for her, adding a unique touch to her repertoire. The blending of cultures, ideas, and mediums spurred her to try a mixture of her own, partnering with Saeko Kujiraoka, a koto player, to form the Harp & Koto Duo. The traditional Japanese instrument adds a unique resonance when paired with the romantic notes of the harp, creating a poetic tribute to the cultural diversity that makes who she is today. Miriam writes her own music and composes her harp arrangements, always in pursuit of an original and pure sound. She spreads beauty and joy with concerts at cultural events, receptions, and museums.  みりあむHarp diary

Website: www.Miriamharp.com

Harp & Koto Stories

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Saeko Kujiraoka began studying the Ikuta technique of koto playing in Tokyo, Japan.She received an advanced degree in Koto, Sangen, and classical singing from the Michio Miyagi School of Koto in Japan. In the US, she joined the Koto String Society as a member of the staff,and founded the “Koto Eda Group”.  She teaches private Koto in Los Angeles area and performs at the colleges, museums and various receptions. She is proactively involved in various collaboration. She has formed Harp & Koto Duo with Miriam Suzuki, played with ”Yerak” (cross cultures jazz group), Japan America Chamber Ensemble, jazz & Bossa Nova groups, Grammy Award winner Koto player Yukiko Matsuyama, and has been involved in movie soundtrack recordings (Kang Fu Panda, etc).  Saeko reveals new perspectives on the sound of Koto through her arrangement of pop and jazz standard. She will continue her performance activities so that many may enjoy her traditional Japanese instrument, Koto.

Website: www.saekokoto.com

   Koto       Saeko Kujiraoka

Harp & Koto Stories 

mail: harpkoto@gmail.com